meet the founder

Katheryn Blewett, former Lawyer, wife and mother to two young boys, is the founder of Nēktar.  Driven by a life-long passion for all things natural and organic, it came as no surprise that Katheryn would pursue a career within the world of personal care.

In 2016, Katheryn would find herself in the south of France at the mecca of fragrance in the world, Grasse Fragonard Perfumery. Meeting with world renowned perfumers, including 3rd generation practitioners, it was here, in the beating heartland of perfume, where the seeds for Nēktar were planted.

Upon her return to Australia, Katheryn couldn’t help but have a heightened sense of awareness of a market dominated by products with harmful ingredients and misleading packaging. Armed with her inspiration from Grasse and the passion and knowledge imparted to her from her biochemist father, Katheryn brought her vision of Nēktar to life- a luxury brand whose culture was dedicated to complete ingredient transparency, with a focus on functionality and understated simplicity.

Fast forward to today. Nēktar is now in over 120 stores Australia wide and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the country; the iconic Oval Hotel, The Hamper Emporium and the world-class award-winning Sequoia Lodge.

Katheryn’s passion to harness the connection between emotion and fragrance continues to grow, as does her desire to expand and evolve her beautifully crafted suite of products. With a strong ethos based on production, product integrity and quality, it comes as no surprise that all Nēktar products are designed and made in small batches in Australia. From hand filled candles, to hand poured diffusers, all Nēktar products employ artisanal production. With such a high level of craftsmanship, Nēktar has incredible control over its supply chain of products with Katheryn overseeing all aspects of production in the process. Strictly cruelty free and vegan friendly are also non negotiables for the forward thinking vision of the brand.

Positioning Nēktar as a forerunner in the new niche world of eco-luxury, Katheryn consistently exemplifies that luxury and sustainability can coexist in perfect synergy with each other.