Wife and mother of two young boys, Katheryn Blewett, founder of nēktar, has always been committed to providing a safe and clean living environment for her family. Driven by a life-long passion for all things natural and organic, it came as no surprise that Katheryn would pursue a career within the world of personal care.  In 2015, Katheryn would find herself in the south of France at the mecca of fragrance in the world, Grasse Fragonard Perfumery. Inspired by the spectacular natural lavish surroundings of wild blooms and greenery and captivating scents, it was here where Katheryn’s vision, to develop a natural personal range, blossomed. Conscious of the negative impact certain ingredients can have on our health, Katheryn was driven to create a brand whose culture was dedicated to complete integrity of product with the wellbeing of her family, environment and consumer in mind. Nēktar was developed with the intention of providing a high quality, superior performing product with complete transparency.