Introducing Pooché

Welcome to Pooché; where luxury meets the ultimate in canine care. Handcrafted in small batches in Australia with artisanal production, and utilising only the finest organic ingredients and botanical extracts, Pooché sets the standard for a new revolution of dog care products. Expertly curated with bespoke vitamin enriched formulations that are clean, natural and non-irritating, our exclusive suite of proprietary plant-based products will redefine pampering for your beloved furry companion.


At Nēktar Pooché, we uphold a commitment to transparency, authenticity, and natural living. Our ethos is grounded in providing pet owners with superior performing, trustworthy products, while embracing honesty and integrity. We prioritise the well-being of every dog, harnessing the power of nature to enhance their health and vitality, fostering a bond of trust and care between pets and their owners.


Elevating pet care to new levels of sophistication, Pooché unveils an exquisite signature fragrance infused with lemon aspen, apple blossom and essential oil of basil. Our meticulously crafted formula not only offers a refreshing and delicate scent that doesn’t overwhelm your dog’s senses, but also embodies calming properties with anti inflammatory benefits that will also effectively get rid of unwanted dog odours.

We have partnered with the country’s best perfumiers to ensure we are at the forefront of adhering to the best ecological and sustainable practices. All of our fragrances are IFRA (International Fragrance Association) approved meaning we comply to the highest standard of quality and assurance in fragrance and that our fragrances do not contain any prohibited substances which the IFRA has deemed unsafe for use.