Cleansing Bars

Small batch crafted and individually hand poured, our cleansing bars are the definition of artisanal. Made with only 100% natural and pure ingredients our cleansing bars are packed with superior skin fortifying ingredients. Saponified eco-sustainable oils of coconut (non gmo) and pure Australian olive, comprise the base of all of our formulas whilst we also add moisturising oils such as castor bean oil and coconut milk and botanicals to enhance the integrity of each product. The raw materials used in our soap bars are fully biodegradable and sourced from sustainable farming practices. 

Our cleansing bars do not contain any surfactants or harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes or colourants, harsh detergents, DEA, PEG’s, silicones, sulphates or parabens in their ingredients.  All soap bars are strictly cruelty free and vegan.